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Every grain of rice reaches you after going through the following steps:

Cultivation of Basmati Crop :

The basmati crop is grown under complete natural conditions and climateof the punjab. Cultivation is carefully observed , and quality improvement measures  are suggested . Right from seed quality upgrading to application of crop protection techniques. During the milling process, it is aged for a considerable period of time to obtain the best cooking results and natural aroma.

Procurement Procedure :

Our procurement program is geared towards giving our farmers a ready market for their paddy and at the same time offering them a better return of investments. PATRON Industries does the procurement of paddy in a scientific way with a lot of research work behind it. Before procurement, each and every lot is being thoroughly checked by drawing samples from different areas and is being tested in our hi-tech laboratories for various parameters to ensure that the ready product delivered to our customers, fully satisfies their needs.

A special identification code is given to every procured lot for maintaining full traceability of the basmati rice packed in our PATRON RICE and other brands.

Milling :

Milling is the process wherein the rice grain is transformed into a formsuitable for human consumption, therefore, has to be done with utmost care to prevent breakage of the kernel and improve the recovery.

 Located in the historical city of Punjab,, two hi-tech rice mills of PATRON Industries produce the best quality of basmati rice with a capacity of 535metric ton in a day. Both plants are having facility of producing white rice,steamed rice and parboiled rice with state of art machinery to ensureconsistency in every grain. To ensure our commitment to the environment,we also use rice husk (residue of paddy milling) for producing power which partially fulfills our energy requirements.